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6/7/19 Complete Review Sheet for test on Earth's Systems
6/10/19  STUDY for your Science Test!!!
6/11/19  Earth's Systems Test

Earth and Space Sciences:
Sixth Grade students will continue to develop their understanding of Earth and Space Sciences. Performance expectations in Earth and Space Science build on the elementary school ideas and skills and this allows the students to explain more in-depth phenomena central not only to the earth and space sciences, but to life and physical sciences as well. These performance expectations blend the core ideas with scientific and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts to support students in developing usable knowledge to explain ideas across the science disciplines.  Please look at the Next Generation Science Standards, Middle School: Earth and Space Sciences to learn about the standards. 
Next Generation Science Standards

All of our work is posted in their Earth and Space Science Google Classroom.
All grades are posted in the parent portal, please check to see the progress your child is making in class.

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Parents, if you would like access to our google classroom to view what your child is learning for class, please send an email to me at cpowell5578@hnomschool.org.  I will invite you into our classroom.  I will be using google classroom to communicate most material with the students.  Thanks in advanced for helping your children become great learners.

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