7th Grade Mathematics Mrs. DeRosa

room 205      8:40-9:20am
Extra help by appointment

Assessments 40%
Classwork 30%
Homework 20%
Participation 10%

Here is a website you can use to for extra reinforcement of basic skills.

We will begin in the Envision workbook with topic one: Rational Number Operations.  All assignments and assessments will be posted on the calendar. 

Topic 3 will begin on Friday, November 2nd.  Students will be analyzing and solving percents.

There will be a test on Topic 3 Wednesday, November 14th.
Analyzing percents of numbers
Connecting percent and proportion
Representing and using the percent equation
Solving percent change and percent error
Solving markup and markdown
Solving simple interest

All assignments can be found on the 7th grade calendar.  Please see the tab on this page in the left top corner.