Weekly Newsletter


Dear Parents,

        Mrs. Peik and I have enjoyed having your child in our class this year.  We have worked very hard to make this a fun and educational experience for them. We have prepared them for Kindergarten while at the same time teaching them to share, be kind and loving towards each other as Jesus has taught us.

        If your child is remaining in our Kindergarten, we’ll have the joy of watching them grow. If your child will be in another school, we’d love to hear from you to let us know how they are doing! Remember to register your child in your parish’s religious education program.

        In addition, I want you to know how blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to work with your children this year. I also want to say to you the parents, thank-you for all your help, cooperation and support this year. You had a large part in making this year so special!

                       Have a safe and happy summer!!            

             With our deepest gratitude, prayers and love,

                        Mrs. N. Onorato           Mrs. A. Peik