Algebra Mrs. DeRosa

Room 205 12:40-1:20
Extra help by appointment only.

Homework will be scheduled every night unless there is a quiz or test.  All homework problems are assigned during class.  Please bring your textbook, workbook, notebook, and calculator to every class.
Homework is 20% of the students' grade.
Assessments are 40% of a student's grade.
Classwork is 30% of a student's grade.
Participation is 10% of a student's grade.

Week of November 12th
Monday closed
Tuesday homework 5-7 and 5-5
Wednesday homework 5-8
Thursday review
Friday test

Week of November 19th
Monday homework 6-1
Tuesday homework 6-2
Wednesday no class
Thursday no school
Friday no school

There will be a test on Chapter 5 on Friday, November 16th.
Rate of change and slope
Direct Variation
Slope-intercept form
Point-slope form
Parallel and perpendicular lines
standard Form
Scatter Plots and trend lines
Graphing absolute value functions