Public Relations and Marketing Committee

Implements the plan for marketing the school to the parish community and to the local community,

Assists in recruitment of students to the school and maintain contact with its alumni in conjunction with the Alumni Committee. Prepare advertizing material for submission to local news papers and the school web site with photos and commentary on past and future events in the school.

Building and Capital Improvement Committee

Oversees, assess and develops a plan for on-going building improvements and maintenance as needed.

Meet with School Board Officers to assist in prioritizing repairs to the school building based on available funding.

Alumni Committee

Maintain and update contact information for all alumni students of the school.

Keep in contact with alumni of school via social media, e-mail, phone & home mailing address

Development Committee

Coordinates fundraising activities: activities that will give financial support and operation of the school. E.g.: (Semi-Annual $10,000 Raffle)

Coordinate and maintain satisfactory staffing, supplies and entertainment for all fund raising events

Legislative Action Committee

The Committee represents the school community. It informs the board of pending legislation  and legislative initiates for the benefit of the Catholic schools in the Diocese.

Monitor the actions of all Federal, State and Local politicians that propose legislation that could have an affect on the school.

Technology Committee

It keeps the school up to date on the latest information technology available. Assist with planning for up-dating the school’s technology plan.

Consult with the teachers using information technology equipment to teach their students. Keep the teachers informed on the status of the equipment being used and what is currently available or required. Submit requests for updating the equipment and its cost to the School Board.

Enrichment Committee

Recommends and assists in planning after school activities to include cultural arts programs.


Finance Committee

The committee works in conjunction with the Pastor and Principal to assists with the preparation and review of the school budget.

Long-range financial plans and up-to-date monitoring of resources contribute to a realistic and stable future for the school.