1st Grade
Art Projects for February - March:  

An Emperor Penguin Unit:  
A)  Draw a Penguin:  Students use reference photo material to draw a large Emperor penguin.  They color their drawing with crayon, using reference photos for correct placement.  

B)  A Penguin Sculpture:  Students create a penguin sculpture from Model Magic Clay.  The drawing is used to show the correct shape and form.  The sculpture is painted with tempera paint.

C) A Winter Landscape Drawing: Students create a winter landscape drawing on folded Oak Tag which the completed penguin sculpture is placed on and attached to the penguin drawing.

A large decorated Valentine Heart:  Students are taught how to create a symmetrical heart form.  They then decorate their heart with designs with patterns related to the holiday, hearts, flowers and candy.  The drawings are colored with crayons and oil pastels.

A Leprechaun Head and Shoulders drawing:  students draw a leprechaun face using the technique previously taught.  They add clothing and extra objects that reflect the Irish culture.  They drawing is colored with crayons and oil pastels using the greens and orange colors of the Irish flag.