2nd Grade
Projects for February - March:   

A)  A Large Snowman-Snowlady Drawing:  Students create a character drawing of a snowman- Snowlady using a  form consisting of three different sized circles.  They embellish their form with a costume, creating a character drawing.  They add props and pets.  The drawing is colored with crayon and colored pencils.

B) A Snowman Sculpture:
  Students form a sculpture consisting of Model Magic Clay.  They use their completed drawing as reference to shape their sculpture.  The completed form is painted with watercolor paints.

Valentine Cartoon Animals:  Students draw animals and decorate them with heart shapes in place of feathers and fur.   They color their drawing with mixed media, markers and crayons in the Valentine color palate. 

An Irish Cottage:  Students draw a landscape composition which includes a 3-D cottage as the main subject.  They embellish their drawing with decorations found in Irish culture, a leprechaun, pot o gold etc,  The drawing is colored with crayons