3rd Grade
Projects for February - March:

Hat and Mittens:  Students create a winter hat and mitten  drawing using a repeat pattern design technique.  They create a co-ordinated set of a hat and mittens by introducing designs that are repeated on  both items.  The project is colored with colored pencils.

A Heart House:  students draw a composition that includes a house,  The entire drawing is created from using the heart form.  The drawing is drawn onto pink construction paper and colored in red, pink and red purple crayons and colored pencils.

A Winter Figure:  Students draw a large figure.  They dress their figure in winter clothing, a snow suit , boots. scarf, and the hat and mittens designed in the previous project.  The repeat patterns created on the hat and mittens are redrawn onto this drawing.  The scarf is also an item that coordinates with the other patterns.  The project is colored with mixed media, colored pencils and crayons

A Dancing Leprechaun:  students study the artist Keith Haring and his moving figures.  The technique previously taught, drawing stick figures first is again stressed.  They draw a leprechaun figure that is dancing.  The figure is clothed in the dress of Ireland and colored with greens and orange crayons.