5th Grade
Art Projects for February - March:

An Inside- Outside Composition: This project is a composition based Upon the art of Matisse., a Fauve Artist who used bright complementary colors to add interest to his compositions.  This project is based upon his famous painting, The Red Room.  Students draw a picture that consists of two views in one, inside and outside.  The drawing is colored with mixed media, crayons and oil pastels.

An Expressionist Head and Shoulders Drawing:  This project is based upon an art movement called Expressionism.  This style of drawing uses color and facial expressions to show emotion in art.  Students draw a head and shoulders drawing and alter it to show emotion in body placement and facial expressions.  They enhance the emotion by selecting colors to show happy, angry, frightened or sad feelings using oil pastels and crayons.

Celtic Art:  Students study the historic Celtic knot designs of Ireland.  They select two designs, trace it and rub down the drawing.  The drawings are then colored with mixed media, marker and colored pencils in a green monochromatic (one color) color combination.