6th Grade
Art Projects for February - March:

A Holiday Cartoon: 
Students use one holiday as the subject for a cartoon drawing in the style of the previous lesson,  They color with crayon, colored pencils and markers using the specific colors of their holiday selected,

Realism- A 3-D Dinner Table:  
Students are instructed to draw a dinner table, chairs, food, plates and cutlery on a table drawn in 3-d form.  Thy are instructed to develop their composition in the style of the American Artists, Janet Fish and Wayne Thiebald, who created realistic drawings of food.  They color their drawing with crayon background and colored pencils.  

An Egyptian Pyramid Paper Construct:  Students draw Egyptian decorative art designs onto a 4 sided paper pyramid construct.  They must include a figure, a cartouche, hieroglyphics, and a decorative border design. The composition is colored with black sharpie outlines, colored pencils and gold tempera paint.