Parent Volunteers


A Child Protection Program

Virtus Training is a 2 – 3 hour free program that will help participants become more aware of and knowledgeable about the many aspects of child sexual abuse.  In these sessions, a trained facilitator will use two powerful videotapes that will help enable participants to see and hear the stories of victims and offenders.  These stories help teach and empower us to help prevent sexual abuse.  All of us need to become better aware of the signs of child sexual abuse, not only in order to recognize abuse but to develop plans to better protect our children.


Who should take Virtus Training?

All Catholic School Parents, Guardians, Catechists, CYO Coaches, Parish Volunteers – anyone who volunteers their time or service to our parish and school is required to participate in a Virtus training session.  Please note that you only need to take this free course once.

Please go to and select “Registration” on the left column.  Select “begin Registration Process”.  Using the dropdown, select “Rockville Centre, NY (Diocese)”.  The courses and locations will be listed – you can review and register as appropriate.  Once you have participated and received your Virtus Certificate, please bring it to the School Office for duplicating and adding to your child’s file.