2nd Grade

           This week we are continuing to work on Topic 15 in math.  This topic is on shapes.  The students are learning about polygons and 3 dimensional shapes, vertices, angles and sides.  Some students are still working on their last writing piece and completing their writing process with a final copy.  There are no spelling words and there will be no reading test.  

             We will be reading some funny stories this week and discussing all of the different comprehension skills and strategies they have learned this year. 
             This will be a fun week!  I hope everyone enjoys their summer!  Stay safe and remember to keep reading!!!             

The spelling words for this week:


* Reading logs should be handed in each day
* Please make sure tests are signed and returned to school!
* There is no June book report 

Our class Scholastic code, if you would like to order books online, is


Monday 6/18/18
1. Spelling- Write words 5
                    times each
2. Math- 869-870

 Read for 15 minutes

Tuesday 6/19/18
1. Spelling- Write words
                    in ABC order
2. Math- p.875-876

 Read for 15 minutes

Wednesday 6/20/18
1. Spelling- write 1st 7                          words in               complete sentences
2. Math- 

 Read for 15 minutes

Thursday 6/21/18
1. Spelling- Write                        remaining words           in complete sentences
NO Test tomorrow

2. Math- 

 Read for 15 minutes

Friday 6/22/18 

     Enjoy a fabulous                     Summer!!!