2nd Grade

Our class Scholastic code, if you would like to order books online, is

     We will have our final test on the Fiction story, The Chocolate Touch. This is a chapter book that I have purchased for the class to use. It should not be brought home at any time.  The students have packets for the story, working on comprehension skills, writing skills and grammar skills.  These packets should be taken home and used for studying.  The test will be Wednesday.

     We are completing Topic 11 this week.  Again, this Topic focuses on Subtracting Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies.  We will be working on subtracting 10 and 100 using place value, open number lines, models, mental math and partial sums strategies. Topic 11 test is Tuesday. Please continue to practice time and money with your child.
     Our live caterpillars and praying mantis' are here.  We are learning all about them and their life cycles.  There will be a test when we return, on Thursday. 

We are reviewing Unit 4 in Social Studies on Government.  There will be a test on Tuesday.  Students should bring home their text books and packet for studying.

* Reading logs should be handed in each  day
* May Book Reports are due May 31st 
* Please continue to review money with your child
* Please continue to discuss time with your child

Monday 5/22/17
1. Spelling- Write words 5 times each 
2. ELA- Subjects & Predicates worksheet
3. Math- Test Tomorrow
4. Social Studies- Test tomorrow

Read for 15 minutes

Tuesday 5/23/17
1. Spelling- Write words in ABC order
2. ELA- test tomorrow

Read for 15 minutes

Wednesday 5/24/17
Enjoy your days off!
Happy Memorial Day!

Science- Test on Caterpillars & Praying Mantis on Thursday

Read for 15 minutes

Thursday 5/25/17

 Read for 15 minutes (use Reading Log)

Friday 5/26/2017

-Continue to practice MONEY
-Continue to practice time

-Read for 15 minutes (use Reading Log)

The spelling words for this week are:
Please practice all old words!
There will be no Spelling test Wednesday, however the students often forget words they have already learned!