2nd Grade

           This week we are completing The chapter book Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White.  The students will get to complete a STEM lab relating to the book, compare and contrast the book with the movie, and enjoy a little "Wilbur's Brew." We are going to continue to monitor and clarify while we are questioning.  This comprehension strategy is a part of practicing our self-questioning.  Please take a look at ALL packets to study for Friday's test.  This is the final test and will have questions about the entire story. 

            This week we will also complete Topic 10 in math.  This topic focuses on adding ten and one hundred.  The students will learn, and in some cases review, various strategies to add 10 and  100.  Again, if you are noticing your child struggling with anything, please let me know in case I am not seeing the struggle in the classroom. The test will be on Thursday.
             We are going to begin our weather unit in science this week.  We will discuss different types of weather and storms.  The students will learn about the water cycle and we will be completing many labs.  We are also going to begin to plant some seeds.  With this we will be discussing the life cycle of plants. 
             At this point we are focusing on practicing for our First Holy Communion.  We will be going over to the church to practice so that the students will feel very comfortable the day of their actual Communion.

Thursday is our Special Person's Day.  All parents and Special Person's are welcome to attend our school mass on Thursday as well.

The spelling words for this week:


* Reading logs should be handed in each day
* Please make sure tests are signed and returned to school!
* April book reports went home.

Our class Scholastic code, if you would like to order books online, is


Monday 4/16/18
1. Spelling- write words 5
                    times each
2. Math- p.619-620
               TEST Thursday

 Read for 15 minutes

Tuesday 4/17/18
1. Spelling- Write words
                    in ABC order
2. Math- p.625-626
              TEST Thursday
 Read for 15 minutes

Wednesday 4/18/18
1. Spelling- write 1st 7 words in complete sentences

2. Math- TOPIC 10

Read for 15 minutes

Thursday 4/19/18
1. Spelling- Write remaining words in complete sentences
Test tomorrow

2. ELA- Charlotte's Web FINAL TEST tomorrow study ALL chapters

 3. Math-

 Read for 15 minutes

Friday 4/20/18 

- Please continue to read for your reading log

-Start to work on your April book report!