3rd Grade

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March 27, 2017
1. Spelling- write the first 10 words 3x each in script
2. Math- page 439. Pearson Online Quick Check.
3. Grammar- page 73
4. Yellow Dot Multiplication
5. Read
6. Religion Test Wednesday 

March 28, 2017
1. Spelling- write the last 10 words 3x each in script
2. Math- page 445. Pearson Online Quick Check.
3. Yellow Dot Multiplication
4. Read
5. Religion Test Wednesday 

March 29, 2017
1. Spelling- ABC order in script
2. Math- page 440 and 446 circled questions.
3. Grammar- page 75 
4. Yellow Dot Multiplication (9x9=81)
5. Read

March 30, 2017
1. Spelling- R's&W's page 289
2. Math- page 451. Pearson Online Quick Check 
3. Grammar- R's&W's page 290
4. ELA- Sheet
5. Yellow Dot Multiplication (9x10=90)
6. Read

March 31, 2017

dentist, editor, artist, hostess, actress, swimmer, seller, tutor, tourist, organist, lioness, shipper, chemist, investor, conductor, announcer, pharmacist, journalist, commuter, and pianist.


  1. Celebrate-to do something special in honor of a special person or day
  2. Continued- kept up; kept on going
  3. Current- a flow or stream of water
  4. Drowned- died or caused to die under water or other liquid because of lack of air to breathe
  5. Medals- pieces of metal, like coins, that are given as prizes or rewards
  6. Strokes- single, complete movements made over and over again
  7. Stirred- mixed something by moving it around with a spoon or stick


This week we will thinking about what unique traits it takes to be the first to do something. Our comprehension skills this week are fact and opinion and questioning. Our spelling and phonics skill is suffixes (-er, -or, -ess, -ist). Our vocabulary words will help us to learn about multiple-meaning words and using context clues. In grammar we will be learning about contractions. 

MATH:​ Topic 8: Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract
Lesson 8-1: Addition Properties
Lesson 8-3: Round Whole Numbers
Lesson 8-4: Mental Math: Addition
Lesson 8-5: Mental Math: Subtraction
Lesson 8-6: Estimate Sums
Lesson 8-7: Estimate Differences
Lesson 8-9: Relate Addition and Subtraction

Vocabulary: Associative (Grouping) Property of Addition, Commutative (Order) Property of Addition, Identity (Zero) Property of Addition, Round, Place Value, Compatible Numbers, Inverse Operations

RELIGION: ​Unit 3: The Church, Our Community in the Spirit
This unit focuses on continuing Jesus' mission by being active members of the Catholic Church. In this unit children will learn the following concepts.
Session 11: Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit
Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to bring life into the Church.
Session 12: The Catholic Church
Jesus gives us leaders in the Church.
Session 13: The Church Prays
Jesus Christ is especially present in the celebration of the sacraments.
Session 14: Mary is Holy
Mary is the Church's model of faith and love.

 Vocabulary: witness, apostolic, Marks of the Church, Mystical Body of Christ, one, pastor, Vicar of Christ, blessing, sacramental, Annunciation, Communion of Saints, Rosary, and Visitation


We will be learning about China and Chinese New Year. We have been working on timelines.