3rd Grade


1. Spelling
2. Math- pages 863 and 864
3. Handwriting pages 72 and 73
4. Multiplication Master (10x5=50)
5. Read
6. Scholastic Order Due tomorrow!!!
7. Science Test on Wednesday!

1. Spelling
2. Math- pages 305 and 317
3. Handwriting pages 74 and 75
4. Multiplication Master (10x6=60)
5. Read
6. Science Test on Wednesday!

1. Spelling
2. Math- Sheet
3. Handwriting pages 76 and 77
4. Multiplication Master (10x7=70)
5. Read
6. Game Day tomorrow: you may bring in a board game.

1. Spelling
2. Math- pages 324 and 325
3. Handwriting pages 78 and 79 
4. Multiplication Master (10x8=80)
5. Read
6. Tomorrow is a half day: 11:30 dismissal!!
7. Tomorrow is HAT Day, you may wear a hat!!

1. No school on Monday!
2. On Tuesday you may bring in a reasonable sized stuffed animal.
3.  Go to Mass.
4. Read
5. Have a great long weekend!!!!

Spelling Words: few, school, true, goose, fruit, cookie, cushion, noodle, bookmark, balloon, suit, chew, glue, Tuesday, bushel, bamboo, mildew, soothe, barefoot, and renewal. 

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Vocabulary Words

  1. Crown- a metal head covering worn by someone with power
  2. Liberty- freedom
  3. Models- small copies of something
  4. Symbols- an object, diagram, animal, or icon that stands for or represents something else
  5. Tablet- a small, flat surface with something written on it
  6. Torch- a long stick with material at one end that burns
  7. Unforgettable- so good that you cannot forget it
  8. Unveiled- removed a veil from; revealed




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No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.
-1 John 4:12