3rd Grade

Class Trip Postponed Due to Weather!!!!

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May 22, 2017
1. Yellow Dot Multiplication (12x2=24)
2. Read

May 23, 2017

May 24, 2017

May 25, 2017
School Closed

May 26, 2017

School Closed

 ceiling, neighbor, either, eighteen, height, neither, weight, leisure, protein, freight, receive, weigh, deceive, sleigh, conceited, receipt, eightieth, neighborly, deceitful, featherweight


  1. Anxious- nervous about what might happen
  2. Gale- a very strong wind
  3. Adore- love and respect very much
  4. Scraggy- thin and untidy
  5. Hoard- a secret and carefully protected collection
  6. Criticize- to judge or express disapproval
  7. Beaming- brightly shining
  8. Revolting- disgusting
  9. Ancient- from a long time ago
  10.  Jostling- push against someone in a crowd


This week we will begin reading chapters 6-10 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Our vocabulary will come from these chapters. Our comprehension strategy for the week is summarize. Our spelling and phonics skill is patterns ei, eigh. In grammar we will be learning about comparative and superlative adverbs.

MATH:​ Topic 12: Understand Fractions as Numbers
I can read and write a unit fraction.
I can use a fraction to represent multiple copies of a unit fraction.
I can identify the whole by seeing a part.
I can represent fractions on a number line.
I can represent fractions equal to or greater than 1 on a number line.
I can measure to the nearest fourth inch and show the data on a line plot.
I can measure to the nearest half inch and show the data on a line plot. 

Vocabulary: fraction, numerator, denominator, unit fraction, line plot, nearest half inch, nearest fourth inch.

RELIGION: ​Unit 3: The Church, Our Community in the Spirit
This unit focuses on continuing Jesus' mission by being active members of the Catholic Church. In this unit children will learn the following concepts.
Session 11: Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit
Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to bring life into the Church.
Session 12: The Catholic Church
Jesus gives us leaders in the Church.
Session 13: The Church Prays
Jesus Christ is especially present in the celebration of the sacraments.
Session 14: Mary is Holy
Mary is the Church's model of faith and love.

 Vocabulary: witness, apostolic, Marks of the Church, Mystical Body of Christ, one, pastor, Vicar of Christ, blessing, sacramental, Annunciation, Communion of Saints, Rosary, and Visitation

 Chapter 5: Water
We will discover:
- why all living things need water.
-how much water Earth has.
-how water changes phase.
-how water is cleaned. 

Vocabulary: water vapor, groundwater, wetland, evaporation, condensation, water cycle, precipitation

 We are learning about Mexico for our Spanish American country. We will also learning about Cinco de Mayo.