3rd Grade



December 11, 2017
1. Spelling
2. Math- Pearson Quick Check and page 277
3. Green Dot Multiplication 5x5=25
4. Read!
5. Math Test on Wednesday
6. Religion Test on Thursday
December 12, 2017
1. Spelling
2. Math- Sheet
3. Green Dot Multiplication 5x6=30
4. Read!
5. Religion Test on Thuursday
6. Math Test moved to Friday!

December 13, 2017

December 14, 2017
December 15,2017

Our classroom elf has arrived from the North Pole! He will bring an act of kindness for us to do each day!
1. Compliment every person you talk to today!
2. Smile at everyone you see today! =)
3. Sit by someone different at lunch. 
4. Help your family with something at home. 
5. Let someone go before you on line today. 

Spelling Words: w
inter, Christmas, merry, stocking, snowman, wreath, present, reindeer, holly, 
mistletoe, sleigh, gingerbread, lights, caroling, ornament, Claus, 
Santa, fireplace, cocoa, and Rudolph

Vocabulary Words:
No Vocabulary This Week


What Are We Learning About?

This week we will be working on some Christmas reading and writing activities. 

MATH:‚Äč Topic 4: Use Multiplication to Divide: Division Facts
I Can:
- use fact families to see how multiplication and division are related.
 - divide by 2,3,4, and 5 by thinking about how I multiply with those numbers. 
- divide by 6 and 7 by thinking about how I multiply with those numbers.
- divide by 8 and 9 by thinking about how I multiply with those numbers.
- find and explain patterns for even and odd numbers.
- understand the patterns of division with 0 and 1.
- use patterns and related facts to solve multiplication and division problems.
- use multiplication and division facts to find unknown values in an equation

Vocabulary: Dividend, Divisor, Fact Family, Quotient, Even, Odd

RELIGION: Unit 1: God, Our Creator and Father
Session 1: Created to Be Happy
God wants us to know him
Session 2: Created to Be Together
The love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the source of the love we have for one another.
Session 3: God Is Our Father
Jesus reveals to us that God is our loving Father, who calls us to love in peace with one another.
Session 4: Jesus Is with Us
The Father sends Jesus to save us.
Session 5: Celebrating Ordinary Time
Ordinary Time is a time to grow and be grateful we belong to our Church.

 Chapter 6 Weather
We will discover:
-patterns of weather
-how people measure and predict weather.
-ways people stay safe during storms

Vocabulary- weather, atmosphere, hurricane, tornado, blizzard

SOCIAL STUDIES: Christmas Around the World
We will also be looking at holidays celebrated by other cultures at this time of the year.