5th Grade

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     God invites you to come pray with Him on Sunday.  Please respond, "Yes!" to His invitation.

Wednesday, October 18, is Class picture day.
All students wear full dress uniform.
Thursday, October 19, is individual pictures.

Clothing is parents' choice!
     Part 2 of the Baptism report is due this Thursday, October 19.  It is the interview with the Godparents.  Thank you, parents, for your participation in this family faith project.
     This week we begin to build a bridge!  We have four students in each of six groups. Thank you, parents, for sending
     Each group has completed a blue print using the skills of an architect after having sketched a bridge and identified its type. 
     This week we begin to develop our engineering and Math skills.  Each bridge must stand on its own and be able to support a test car.  The same car will be used to test each bridge.     

     Students have selected a biography for this month's book to be read at home.  The report will be due on Tuesday, November 7.            

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