6th Grade Religion - Miss McEnaney

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      Grade 6 is a wonderful time to deepen our friendship with God.  We will discuss that God, our Father, is a loving parent.  We will look at God's covenant in the Old Testament and see how Jesus, our Savior, is the fulfillment of God's covenant in both the New Testament and in the Church today.
     Abraham and Moses will be central figures in our study together and our understanding of the covenant.  We will deepen our understanding of the Prophets' messages to us today.
     We will celebrate the great Hebrew feast of Passover at a Seder.  In Holy Week, we will see how this connects us to the Last Supper.
     We will revisit the important development of our understanding of sin in the world:  both personal sin and social sin.  We will have the opportunity to again choose God.
     Grade 6 is also an invitation from Jesus to to accept His healing mercy and choose to follow Him.  This discussion will include our respect for each other and for ourselves.