Social Studies 6 - Mr. Mongan

Welcome to Mr. Mongan's
6th Grade Social Studies Class!! 

HW: Due Monday, Workbook pg. 79 and
Quick Study pg. 77

Chapter 11 - Byzantine Empire and Ancient Arabia
Chapter 11 - Byzantine and Arabia Quizlet

Students now have their own textbook at home as well one in class!
Students are free to bring their Workbooks and 
Quick Study Books home for extra review!

"6th Grade Social Studies is based on the geography and history of the Eastern Hemisphere, including the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires; interactions between societies; and the comparison of trends in government and economics. It also incorporates some elements of other social sciences.
The course begins with an examination of the Eastern Hemisphere today, using geographic skills. This provides the foundation for making connections between the past and the present throughout the course. The remainder of the course is divided into seven Key Ideas that cover a time span from pre-history into the 1300s. Students are provided the opportunity to explore belief systems across time and to examine the foundations of democracy."

- Taken from the New York State Social Studies Framework