7th Grade Mathematics Mrs. DeRosa

room 205      8:40-9:20am
Extra help by appointment

Assessments 40%
Classwork 30%
Homework 20%
Participation 10%

Here is a website you can use to for extra reinforcement of basic skills.

Topic 7 will begin on Friday, March 1st.  This topic is Probability.

There is a topic test on Thursday,. March 28th.
Theoretical probability
Experimental probability
Probability models
Outcome of compound events
Probability of compound events
Simulate compound events

There is a quiz on Friday, March 22nd on 7-1 and 7-2.

There is a quiz on Wednesday, March 27th on sections 7-3 (experimental probability) and 7-4 (using probability models).  

All assignments can be found on the 7th grade calendar.  Please see the tab on this page in the left top corner.