7th Grade Science Mrs. DeRosa
room 205   2:00-2:40pm
extra help Thursday 7:45-8:15am

It is important to complete every lab that has been assigned.    Labs count as 20% of the final grade.

Lab #3 is due Monday, October 16th.  Please see calendar for more information on biomes and ecosystems.

Lab #4 is due Thursday, November 2nd.  Please see calendar for more information on natural resources.

Lab #5 Building a water filter, is due Monday, November 20th.  Please see calendar for more information.

Essential questions need to be answered in paragraph form consisting of 5-7 sentences.

Essential question #8 is due Tuesday, October 31st.  How do we use nonrenewable energy resources?  Page 158

Essential question #9 is due Monday, November 6th.  How do humans use renewable energy resources?

Essential question #10 is due Thursday, November 16th.  Why should natural resources be managed?  Page 186

Test on Thursday, November 9th.  Please study the following:
Fossil Fuel
Nonrenewable resource
Conversion of fossil fuels into energy
Sources of energy for wind and flowing water
Conservation of resources
Material resource
renewable resource
Formation of oceans
Importance of water
Solar energy