7th Grade Science Mrs. DeRosa
room 205   2:00-2:40pm
extra help Thursday 7:45-8:15am

It is important to complete every lab that has been assigned.    Labs count as 20% of the final grade.

STEM Fair due date January 16th

STEM Fair due date January 23rd

STEM Fair due date February 6th

STEM Fair due date February 13th
Lab Log

STEM Project due Tuesday, February 27th.

Lab #1 Bird Beaks is due Wednesday, December 13th.

Lab #2 Fossils is due Thursday, January 4th.

Lab #3 Viral Replication is due Thursday, January 25th.

Essential questions need to be answered in paragraph form consisting of 5-7 sentences.

Essential question #7 on page 4 is due Tuesday, February 27th.  What are living things made of?

Essential question #5 on page 120 is due Tuesday, February 6th.  How do plants stay alive?

Test on Friday, February 16th.
Six characteristics of animals pg 140 &141
Exoskeleton pg143
Invertebrate and vertebrate pg 143
Cellular respiration pg123
Hibernation pg157
Migration pg157
Animals living in a group pg158
Pheromones pg158
Territory pg 154
Stamen pg126
Stomata pg128
Stimulus pg128
Tropism pg128
Estivation pg 157
Innate pg153
Consumer pg141
Endoskeleton pg143
Asexual plant structures pg127
Two life cycles of a plant pg124
Dormant pg 130
Pistil pg 126
Transpiration pg128
Pollination pg125