7th Grade Science Mrs. DeRosa
room 205   2:00-2:40pm
extra help Thursday 7:45-8:15am

It is important to complete every lab that has been assigned.    Labs count as 20% of the final grade.

Lab #1 Meiosis is due Tuesday, April 10th.

Lab #2 is due Tuesday, April 24th.

Lab #3 Muscle Fatigue, is due Tuesday, May 8th.

Essential questions need to be answered in paragraph form consisting of 5-7 sentences.

Essential question #10 on page 112 is due Friday, June 1st.  What causes disease?

Essential question #8 on page 46 is due Friday, May 18th.  How do your body's digestive and excretory systems work?

Essential question #9 on page 76 is due Friday, May 25th. How does your reproductive system work?

Test on Tuesday, June 5th
Treatments for diseases
Transmission of infectious diseases
Causes of infectious diseases
Stages of pregnancy
Reproductive organs (male and female)
Male and female sex cells
Noninfectious diseases
6 classes of nutrients
Three types of white blood cells
Immune system