8th Grade Mathematics Mrs. DeRosa
room 205    10:40-11:20am
extra help Mondays and Thursdays 7:45-8:15am

We will be starting Algebra I Friday, April 7th Foundations for Algebra.

Please see calendar for homework assignments

Quiz on Monday May 15th
Solving one  step equations
Solving two step equations
Solving multi step equations
Solving equations with variables on both sides
Literal equations and formulas

Quiz on Tuesday May 23rd
Ratios, rates, and conversions
Solving proportions
Proportions and similar figures
Change expressed as a percent

Quiz on Tuesday June 6th
Inequalities and their graphs
Solving inequalities using addition or subtraction
Solving inequalities using multiplication or division
Solving multi step inequalities

Quiz on Wednesday June 14th
Working with sets
Compound inequalities
Absolute value equations and inequalities
Unions and intersections of sets