8th Grade Science Mrs. DeRosa
Mrs. DeRosa
room 205    9:20-10:00am
Extra Help Thursdays 7:45-8:15am and by appointment.

Essential Question Lesson 1
Please answer the question in only 5-7 sentences.

STEM Fair due on January 16th

STEM Fair due on January 23rd:  Research

STEM Fair due on February 6th:

STEM Fair due on February 13th
Lab Log

STEM Project is due on Tuesday, February 27th.

Lab #4 Soda Pop Balloon is due Tuesday, February 27th.

Lab #2 Mentos is due Tuesday, January 16th.

b #3 Atom is due Wednesday, January 31st.

Essential question #10 on page 266.  What is a solution? Due on Thursday, February 15th..

Essential question #8 on page 212.  How are chemical reactions modeled?   This is due Thursday, February 1st.

Essential question #9 on page 240 is due Monday, February 12th.  How do nuclear reactions differ from chemical reactions?

Test #5 will be Wednesday, February 7th.  Please study:
Reactants in a chemical reaction
Ionic bonds
Covalent bonds
Metallic bonds
Newtons 3 laws
Archimedes Principle
Atoms in a chemical reaction
Valence electrons
Endothermic and exothermic
Product in a chemical reaction
Chemical bond
Periodic Table
Group numbers in a periodic table
Law of conservation of energy
Balancing equations
Bohr Model
Atomic number
Element arrangement in the periodic table
Chemical symbol
Atomic mass
Carbon forming molecules
Increasing a chemical reaction
Atom forming a bond with another atom (3 ways)
Metals, nonmetals, metalloids
Three classes of organic compounds