8th Grade Science Mrs. DeRosa
Mrs. DeRosa
room 205    9:20-10:00am
Extra Help Thursdays 7:45-8:15am and by appointment.

Essential Question Lesson 1
Please answer the question in only 5-7 sentences.

Lab #2 Newton's Laws is due Friday, September 22nd.

Lab #3 Sink or float is due Thursday, October 5th.

Lab #4 Simple Machine Building a Catapult due Thursday, October 19th.

Essential question #4 is due Wednesday, October 11th.  How is work related to energy?
Page 78

Essential question #5 is due Tuesday, October 17th.  What are kinetic and potential energy?  Page 88

Essential Question #6 is due Tuesday, October 24th.  How do simple machines work?  Page 102

Test #2 will be Wednesday, October 11.  pages 56-84
Newton's 3 laws
Buoyant force
Archimedes principle
Work transferring to energy
Please study the lab of Archimedes Principle