8th Grade Science Mrs. DeRosa
Mrs. DeRosa
room 205    9:20-10:00am
Extra Help Thursdays 7:45-8:15am and by appointment.

Essential Question Lesson 1
Please answer the question in only 5-7 sentences.

Lab #1  Ball and Ramp is due Monday, March 26th.

Lab #2 Density is due Wednesday, April 18th.

Lab #3 Microscope is due Tuesday, May 8th.

Lab #4 Microscope 2 is due Tuesday, May 15th.

Essential question #5 on page 82 What is the relationship between various EM waves?  This is due Friday, April 13th.

Essential #6 on page 104: How do mirrors and lenses work?  is due on Thursday, April 19th.

Essential #4 on page 48 is due on Wednesday, March 28th.How do sound waves and matter interact?

We are reviewing for the Science State test.  The written part of the test will be administered on Monday, June 4th.

Debate: Renewable vs. nonrenewable