8th Grade Social Studies - Mr. Sach

Welcome to Mr. Sach's 
8th Grade Social Studies Class!!

Current Unit: Chapter 23 - The Great Depression

We will have a Quiz on Chapter 23 on Tuesday, April 16th. Study!

***We will review in class on Monday April 15th.***

Chapter 23 in the S.S.Workbook(pgs 350-363) is due completed on Monday April 15th. We will have some class time to work on this, but some may have to be worked on at home as well!

* All Class notes, Powerpoint & Slides that have been shown in class can be found posted on my 8th Grade Google Classroom page. Assignments & Projects can be found there as well. *

"8th Grade Social Studies is arranged chronologically, beginning with Reconstruction and ending at the present, and incorporates geography as well as economic, social and political trends. The course content is divided into nine Key ideas, the first seven trace the human experience in the United States from Reconstruction to the end of World War II. The last three Key Ideas examine different themes in the United States and New York State history from the post-War period to the present day, which provides the opportunity to explore contemporary issues."
- Taken from the New York State Social Studies Framework

Reference Website: Newsela : https://newsela.com/ (sign in with your google account from the school).
Crash Course: https://thecrashcourse.com/