1st Grade
Art Projects for February-March:  

Emperor Penguin Unit- 
This unit consists of two parts.  The students draw a large Emperor penguin, using the technique, drawing from shapes.  They color their drawing with crayons and oil pastels.  The second part of the unit is a penguin sculpture using Model Magic Clay.  The students again use the drawing from shapes technique previously learned and form their penguin sculpture by modelling with clay.  When the form is hardened, they paint their penguin using tempera paint.  The sculpture is mounted on folded paper which is colored to create a winter snow scene.

A Valentine Heart-  Students draw and cut out a large Valentine shape on pink construction paper.  They design a decorative pattern which consists of hearts and flowers.  The project is colored with crayons, oil pastels and colored pencils.  They use the reds, pinks and rose colors of the holiday.