1st Grade
Art Projects for April-May:  

Vincent Van Gogh Unit: 

Students study the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.  They are shown reference paintings of his sunflowers.    They draw a large sunflower, stem and leaves, drawing from shapes.  They color their flower with opposite Complementary colors, golden yellows and vivid blues, copying the color s used by the artist. They use blended crayons.  

A Starry Night: 
This project is based upon Vincent Van Gogh's painting, a Starry Night. Students are instructed to draw their own starry night composition using the night sky and bright stars as part of their drawing.  They color the drawing with blended oil pastels and crayons using the colors of the artist as well as their own Complementary colors. 

A  Sunflo
wer  Paper Construct:  This paper construct is based upon the sunflower drawing.  Students are drawing their flower, petals, stem and leaves on colored construction paper.  They cut out their shapes and glue them together onto bright paper  The center of the flower is enhanced with brown and black seeds to add texture and dimension.