1st Grade
Art Projects for November:

A Study of Overlapping Shapes: 
Students are taught how to draw geometric shapes.  
The shapes are drawn to overlap each other.  All of the shapes are outlined with markers and contain a pattern inside. They They color with crayon and colored pencils.  They complete their project by adding pipe cleaner antennas and moving eyes.

 The Portfolio Cover:  Students decorate their art portfolio by drawing overlapping geometric shapes.  They learn how to create a layout and use color spotting to enhance the composition .  They fill their shapes with different patterns and color all with crayons and marker outlines.

 An Indian Headress: â€‹Students use reference material on Indian symbols to create a headdress design.  They color the borders with fall colored crayons and fill the center with symbols colored in crayon and marker.  They complete the project by drawing and coloring a feather which is attached to the form.