2nd Grade
Projects for April and May:

An Irish Cottage: students learn how to create a 3-d building.  They are instructed to draw a landscape composition with an Irish cottage as the main object.  They include hills and cultural items such as pots of gold, leprechauns shamrocks.  They remember to follow the rules of perspective, big in front, small in back.  They color with blended crayons, using several greens and orange colors. 

Spring Baby Animals: Students draw baby animals born in the spring, a lamb, a goose, a bunny, and a chick.  They are instructed to follow the rule, everything is drawn from shapes.   They are introduced to the art style called Realism and instructed to make their animals look alive by adding the illusion of texture, by drawing feathers and fur.  They color with crayons.

A Decorative Cross:  This project uses symbols of the Church as a design element.  The students study how to draw each symbol displayed and place them onto a large cross shape.  They learn how to design using positive and negative space placement.  They color their symbols with colored pencils and colored markers