2nd Grade
Projects for April-May:

Spring Animals:  This project is a study of Realism.  Students are instructed to draw spring baby animals,  a bunny, chick, lamb and goose.  They draw using the drawing from shapes technique.  The animals are colored with mixed media, blended crayons and oil pastels.  Students are reminded to color their animals to look realistic, to create the effect of texture to show feathers and fur.

A Circus Unit:
A Circus Clown Head and Shoulders Drawing:  Students are shown reference drawings of circus clowns.  They are shown a mini-lesson showing how to draw a head and shoulders portrait, and the correct placement of facial features.  They draw their clown adding a costume and decorative detail.  They paint their clown with watercolor paints.

The Circus Tent:  Students are instructed to draw a circus tent adding a circus act with animals and clowns.  They draw their animals from reference material using the drawing from shapes technique  The drawing is colored with primary colors, using crayons and oil pastels.