3rd Grade
Projects for February-March:

A Hat and Mittens Project:  
Students are introduced to the art of Textile Design, patterns, repeats and pattern coordination.  They are instructed to create their own patterns onto a selected hat shape and two mitten shapes.  They will first design their hat and then design a coordinating pattern which covers the two mitten shapes. This project teaches students how to create a pattern which repeats, as well as pattern and color coordination, two elements of Textile Design. The completed drawings will be colored with colored pencils and marker outlines.

Me in Winter;  This project is based upon the hat and mitten lesson.  Students are instructed to draw a figure which resembles themselves.  Their figure self portrait is to show them wearing a warm winter outfit which includes the hat and mitten set that they created.  The figure drawing is colored in colored pencils and marker outlines, with the hat and mittens matching the previous drawing. 

Valentine House:  Students create a composition of a landscape drawing including a house.  They draw everything in the composition using the heart shape.  The drawing is created on pink construction paper and colored with the pinks, reds and rose colors using crayons and colored pencils.