3rd Grade
Projects for April and May:

Dancing Leprechauns:  Students are introduced to the American Modern Artist Keith Haring, who drew figures in motion.  They are instructed to draw a figure, using the stick figure lesson and alter it to give the illusion of movement.  They complete the drawing by bulking up the shape and dressing it in the clothing that represents a leprechaun, including a hat and other cultural items.  They color with blended crayons stressing the green and orange color scheme.

Spring Flowers: This is a study of the art style called Impressionism. Students are shown the paintings of Monet, Manet and Cassat, who painted in this genre. They are instructed to draw a tulip, a daffodil and a daisy and color them in this technique. Their drawings are colored in an analogous (opposite colors on the color wheel) using crayon and oil pastels.  

Monet's Garden:  Students design a spring garden based upon the paintings that Monet made of his garden in Givarney, France.  They use the lesson, drawing flowers to draw their composition, making sure it looks in perspective.  They color their garden with oil pastels and crayons.