3rd Grade
Projects for November- December:

A Fall Collage:  Students use the Collage technique to create a fall background of overlapping leaves colored with chalk. The central motif in the composition is a fall botanical object, a leaf, an apple, a pumpkin etc. which is colored with blended oil pastels.

An Animal Drawing-  Draw an Owl:  Students study the textural quality of an owl drawing that shows the effect of their feathers.  They draw an owl onto black construction paper.  They color their drawing with blended oil pastels in the correct colors, using a technique of dashesto give the impression of their feathers.

A Christmas Snow Globe:  Students are introduced to the art showing snow globes, which is also a composition of Medieval Art called a Rondo- a drawing within a circle.  They create their composition, using Christmas motifs.  They create a decorative base with Christmas patterns. The snow globe is colored with mixed media, crayons, colored pencils and oil pastels..