4th Grade
Art Projects for November, December:

A Fall Themed Line Drawing: This project again uses line, an Element of Art as the art technique.  Students select their object, a leaf, fruit or vegetable found in the Fall season.  They are instructed to use the Contour (line drawing) technique and draw their object onto fall colored construction paper.  The drawing is then colored with thick and thin colored markers.

Thanksgiving Portraits:  Students draw a head and shoulders figure drawing of a Pilgrim or Native American in the center of their construction paper.  They select a fall themed tracer to create a border frame around their figure.  They color the figure in blended oil pastels.  They use chalk to create the frame. 

A Christmas Wreath:  Students draw a large wreath consisting of holly or pine needles, using a line technique to make it look realistic.They also add a large bow and berries for decoration.  They color the wreath drawing with blended oil pastels and gold paint.