4th Grade
Art Projects for March and April:

Portfolio Cover Design:  Using the previous lesson, students design the front of their art portfolio using pattern and color.  They include their name and grade within their design.  They again color with mixed media art materials

An Irish Harp:  Students are instructed to draw a large harp form.  They are shown reference material of Celtic Art designs.  They are instructed to select a few Celtic designs to decorate the exterior shape of the harp.  The technique, tracing and rub down, is demonstrated. Students decorate their drawing with these designs and color the drawing in a monochromatic color combination of several values of green colored pencil.

A Ukrainian Easter Egg: Students are shown samples of Ukrainian Easter Eggs which are an art style of this culture.  They trace an oval form and decorate it with designs in this style.  The drawing is colored with crayon, using the colors that are historically accurate.  The technique, Crayon Resist is demonstrated.  The drawing is painted with a watercolor wash background.