4th Grade
Art Projects for February:

Decorative Masks;  Students are instructed to create an interesting mask shape.  They are reminded that masks are symmetrical, the same on both sides.  They fold their drawing in half, select their favorite side, place folded colored paper inside and cut out their form.  The entire surface of the mask shape is covered with lines, dots and dashes by using thick and thin colored markers

A Decorative Folder Design;  Students use the style of the decorative mask project to develop a designed folder composition.  The folder must include the students name and grade intertwined with line, dots, dashes and solid colored areas, covering the entire surface.  The folder is colored with thick and thin colored markers.

Overlapping Heart Composition-  Students design a valentine composition consisting of only the heart shape using an overlapping technique.  They color the composition with reds, pinks and rose Valentine color, using crayons, markers and colored pencil.