5th Grade
Art Projects for November- December:

A Composition Celebrating South America, Central America and Mexico:  Students design a composition that is based upon Historical reference material on the culture of Mexico, Central and South America.  They select a central motif and design a repeat pattern for the border.  The drawings are placed upon two complementary colors of construction paper.  The composition is colored with oil pastels and crayons in the authentic colors of the selected culture.

A Crane Watercolor Drawing: This interdisciplinary lesson with Language Arts, is a study of the graceful, elegant crane.  Students use picture reference to correctly draw the bird.  When the drawing is completed, they use the watercolor technique of building the  different color values.  The background is colored with soft chalk colors. 

A Christmas Composition:  This project is a composition based Upon the art of Matisse., a Fauve Artist who used bright complementary colors to add interest to his compositions.  This project is based upon his famous painting, The Red Room.  Students draw a picture that consists of two views in one, inside and outside.  The drawing is colored with mixed media, crayons and oil pastels.