5th Grade
Art Projects for April and May:

Expressionist Head and Shoulders Figure Drawing:  Students study the art style of the Expressionist Artists.  They also study the art style called Fauvism.  They draw a head and shoulders drawing following the technique of figure drawing in proportion and then alter their facial positions and expressions to show emotions.  They color their drawing using oil pastels to also reflect the mood by selecting colors that show happiness or sadness or fear.

An Irish Castle:  Students draw a landscape composition that includes a 3-D drawing of an Irish Castle.  They draw rolling hills and include several objects of Irish culture.  They follow the rules of perspective drawing, big in front and small in back.  The composition is colored with crayon and colored pencils.

Chinese Trees:  Students are shown reference material of Oriental drawings of trees.  They are shown a demonstration how to draw the tree form using a progression of v shapes for the branches.  Students are shown how to use a drawing pen and ink.   They then outline their tree with pen and India Ink and paint them with watercolors.

A Mandala: Students are introduced to the beautiful art of Tibet called a MandalaThey create their own version of a design that consists of varied sized circles of decorative art that is based upon one theme.  They color their Mandala with colored pencils and fine line markers.