6th Grade
Art Projects for April-May:

An Egyptian Pyramid Paper Construct:  This is a cross curriculum project with 6 grade World History.  Students use reference material to design a 4 sided paper pyramid form which contains a figure, a cartouche, Egyptian historical art designs and 4 border designs.  The pyramid is completed by using historical colors, colored with blended colored pencils and fine line black markers.

The Dinner Table:  Students learn how to draw a dinner table using the 3-d, Perspective Drawing technique.  They study the art of the American artists Janet Fish and Wayne Thiebald, who draw realistic food and dinner table objects using this 3-d technique.   They draw their table and chairs onto a horizon line and then cover the table with dishes, utensils and food drawn in the same technique.  They color their project with blended colored pencils and crayons.