6th Grade
Art Projects for April and May:

The Feast:  Students learn how to draw a table and chairs in perspective to give a 3-d effect.  They draw their selection of food, drink and table wear to emulate a fine meal.  The art of Wayne Theibauld and Janet Fish, who both draw realistic food is demonstrated.  The composition is colored using mixed media. The table, chairs and food is colored with blended colored pencils.  The background is colored with crayons. 

An Egyptian Pyramid Paper Construct:  Students are introduced to the fantastic decorative art of Egypt.  They are instructed to use reference material to cover all 4 sides of a 3-d pyramid form.  They must include a figure, a cartouche and hieroglyphics, 4 border designs in the pyramid sides.  The construct is colored in authentic Egyptian color using crayon, colored pencils, gold paint and black markers 

Pop Art:  The art movement that designed compositions based upon objects from our ordinary life, our culture.  The students are introduced to the art of Andy Warhol, the most famoue Pop artist.  They select a reference picture of an object and draw their composition.  They color their artwork with mixed media technique using oil pastels, crayons and markers.