7th Grade
Art Projects for November, December:

Abstract Art Portfolio Cover:  Students use the previous lesson to design an Abstract Art style composition on their art folder.  Their drawing will cover the entire folder front.  They divide the drawing in half, to show the difference between a composition drawn in line and a composition that is colored with shaded colored pencils.

A Silhouette Composition:  Students study the art of Tolouse Lautrec and his painting The Moulin Rouge.  They are instructed to create a composition with a Halloween theme which includes a silhouette shape.  They color their project with mixed media, crayon, colored pencil and oil pastels

A Watercolor Cornucopia:  Students create a large cornucopia, a Horn of Plenty basket, filled with seasonal fruits, vegetables, leaves and nuts, drawing on Manila paper. They use the watercolor paints technique to color their drawing in the art style called Realism.