7th Grade
Art Projects for April and May:

An Impressionist Village or Town: 
Students are taught how to draw buildings using the two point perspective technique.  Their drawing will appear 3-d, showing great detail in the forms. They create a composition of buildings, either a city or town, in this technique.  The students are shown examples of the drawings of the Impressionist artists who painted landscape drawings.  They use their work as the theme for the effect of color on the completed composition.  The drawing is completed using chalk backgrounds and colored pencils for the foreground.

A Building in Watercolor:  Students select a building from the previous lesson.  They will draw it in the same technique and then use the watercolor techniques of wet on wet and wet on dry to create an Impressionist watercolor painting, showing several values and tones of color

A Study of Modern Art Botanicals:  Students are shown paintings of the American Modern Artist Georgia O'Keefe who painted large floral compositions.  They are instructed to develop a composition in this style, drawing their botanical object, fruit, flowers or vegetable, so large that it is off the paper.  They are shown a demonstration showing how to color their drawing with watercolor paint to duplicate the style of this artist

Pop Art:  Students study the Pop Art Movement.  They are introduced to the art of Andy Warhol, the most famous Pop Artist.  They are instructed to create a Pop Art composition that uses ordinary subject matter from our culture .  They select reference photo material and draw their creation.  They color their drawing using mixed media, crayon, oil pastels and markers.