7th Grade
Art Projects for May-June:

A 3-d Village or Town:  This is a study of the Two Point Perspective Technique, drawing 3 dimensional buildings.  The drawing is complemented by adding roads, people, trees etc.  The composition must show several buildings in the front and back of the composition.  The composition is colored with chalk backgrounds and colored pencils

Illustrated Lettering: This project is a study of drawing decorated letters, using the one point perspective technique.  Students draw a word, showing the letters 3-d, with the front, side and top of each letter.  They develop three patterns, one for each part of the letters.  The Composition is colored with colored pencils.

Pop Art:  This is a study of the American Modern Artist Andy Warhol, who used objects from our culture as the subject matter in his compositions.  Students draw a recognizable object as their main subject and color it with bright flat tempera paints.