7th Grade
Art Projects for November- December:

An Abstract Folder Cover Design;  Students use the previous lesson on Abstract Art to create a composition that is the front of the art folder.  The drawing must include their name and grade.  The drawing covers the entire folder.  The composition is divided in half.  One half of the design is outlined only with markers.  The other half of the folder is completed with outline and colored pencils.   

A Cornucopia Watercolor Composition:  Students draw a large cornucopia(horn) shape on Manila Paper.  They complete the composition by filling the shape with drawings of fall botanical objects.  The objects fall out of the form.  The completed drawing is colored in the watercolor technique, showing light and dark color values.

A Winter Village or Town:  This is a study of the Two Point Perspective Technique, drawing 3 dimensional buildings.  The drawing is complemented by adding roads, people, trees etc.  The composition must show several buildings in the front and back of the composition.  The composition is colored with chalk backgrounds and colored pencils