7th Grade
Art Projects for April-May:

A  Village or Town:  Students are instructed to draw a village or town using the Two Point Perspective Technique they learned in the previous lesson.  They must include decorative objects, trees and roads.  The landscape composition must include a horizon line, two vanishing points and several buildings.  The drawing is colored with colored pencils and chalk backgrounds.

Op-Art Cube:  This is the‚Äčstudy of a modern art style called Op-Art.  This art is based upon drawings that show optical illusion, a play of shape and form.  Students select 6 Op-Art designs from reference material and draw them on 6 5 inch squares.  These squares are on a template that forms a cube shape.  They color their designs in black and white or opposite Complementary colorings using markers.  They cut out the form, bend the shape and gluethe cube form together.