8th Grade
Art Projects for November, December:

A Grid Enlargement and Study of 4 Different Art Styles
:  Students select a photo of an object.  They learn how to use the grid technique to enlarge their drawing by dividing their reference photo into 4 sections and doing the same to their large drawing paper.  They draw their object exactly the same as their reference much larger.  Each of the 4 areas are different art styles. 1) a Contour line drawing, 2) A realism drawing, matching the reference, 3) A coloring in line, dots and solid areas in the style of Roy Lichtenstein and 4) An Abstract, Modern Art drawing.  The composition is colored using mixed media, with markers, crayons and colored pencils

A Botanical Study:  Students are instructed to draw botanical drawings from nature using real subject matter.  They are to draw their subjects in 1) a Contour, Line Drawing in pencil, 2) a line drawing outlined with pen and ink and painted with watercolor washes, 3) A Shaded drawing in pencil showing several values of gray.

A Rennisance Tryptich:  Students design a 3 panel composition which has one theme.  They create an ornate frame around each panel.  They color their composition with mixed media technique, crayon, colored pencil, oil pastels and paints