8th Grade
Art Projects for April and May :

A TrYptich:  Students study this style of Medieval Renaissance drawing.  They create their own tryptich, which is 3 panels with one main theme.  They also design a decorative frame for their artwork.  The completed project is colored in mixed media art materials, crayon, oil pastels, colored pencils, markers or paints

Illustrated Lettering:  This is a study of lettering, drawn in one point perspective, to make the letters look 3-d and pop forward.  The students select a word and they draw each letter of the word in this style.  They show the front, side and top of each letter.  The students decorate the letters with three patterns selecting one pattern for each side.  The letters are colored with colored pencils.

Food- This project is a study of the realistic art style of the American Modern Artists Janet Fish and Wayne Thiebald who created compositions of food.  Students design their interpretation of their style of art.  They complete the drawing by coloring it with oil pastels and crayons

Wire Sculpture:  Students are introduced to the sculptural art style of Miro and Calder, who created artwork that used sculpture wire to create form and shape in the style of outline Contour Drawing.  They are instructed to draw their object and color it with colored pencil.  They use colored wire to create the same object as a 3-D form, completing the project by attaching their wire sculpture to their drawing