8th Grade
Art Projects for November- Dcember:

A Fall Botanical Study:  Students use real botanical Fall objects, an apple, a pumpkin, a leaf, an acorn etc. as  reference material to create 3 different drawings in the art style called Realism. They first draw a Contour (line) drawing, a shaded pencil drawing showing several values of gray, and a realistic watercolor drawing .

A Dinner Feast:  Students study the art of the American Modern Artists, Wayne Theibauld and Janet Fish, who created realistic compositions of food,  They are instructed to draw a dinner consisting of different food in plates and bowls.  The composition is colored with blended crayon and oil pastels. 

Design a Tryptich:  Students are introduced to the Medieval Art Composition called a Tryptich, which is a composition including three panels with one theme.  They draw a Christmas drawing within an interesting frame shape. The composition is colored with mixed media, crayon, tempera paint, crayon and colored pencil.