8th Grade
Art Projects for February:

A Rennisance Tryptich:  Students design a composition in the style of Medieval artists, which is composed of three distinct panels based upon one main theme.  They must also create an ornate, decorative frame encircling each panel.  They color their composition with a mixed media technique consisting of, crayon, colored pencil, oil pastels and tempera paints.

Wire Sculpture-the Art of Alexander Calder:  Students study the American artist, Alexander Calder, who created wire sculptures and mobiles.  They use the previous lessons on Contour(line) Drawing to draw their intended wire sculpture form.  The drawing is colored with marker line work.  The students select sculpture wire and form a 3-d object based upon their drawing.  The two dimensional wire sculpture matches the one dimensional drawing in form and size.  When the sculpture is completed, it is mounted with the drawing. 

The Portfolio Cover:  students design their portfolio using decorative art techniques.  They must include their name and grade in the composition. The drawing is colored with  a mixed media consisting of markers, crayons and colored pencils.