Art Projects for April-May:

Under the Sea Unit:  This art project has two parts.  First, the students draw a large fish shape and color their drawing with blended crayons.  Then second, they create a seascape composition which includes the large fish they created as well as the sea creatures and shells, coral and grasses found on the ocean floor.  They learn how to use reference photos to enhance their composition.  The seascape is colored with blended crayons and painted with watercolors using the Crayon Resist Technique. 

April Showers Composition:  Students are instructed to draw a composition that contains a duck, raindrops and an umbrella.  They use the drawing from shapes technique to complete their drawing.  They decorate their umbrella with patterns.  They draw raindrops, a horizon line and a puddle.  The drawing is colored with spring, soft pastel colors.

A Tissue Paper tulip:  Students draw a tulip shape, stem and leaves.  They are shown how to create a collage, which is an art style that contains overlapping forms.  They color their tulip  using this technique, by using colored tissue paper torn into pieces.  They glue the tissue paper onto the flower, stem and leaves shape while  overlapping the colors.