Art Projects for January- February:

Crowns for the Three Kings:   To celebrate feast day, January 6th, students are decorating a drawing of three crown shapes.  They are instructed to create jewels and decorations which are different on each crown shape.  The project is colored with mixed media technique, oil pastels and crayons

Under the Sea Crayon Resist Unit:  
A)  Students draw a large fish, using the technique, Drawing from Shapes.  They create a realistic drawing, working from reference photos.  They color their fish with blended crayons.

B)  Students draw a seascape composition of the world their fish lives in.  They add other fish, crabs, lobsters, coral, seaweed etc.  Their large fish is included in the composition.  The drawing is colored with crayons.  When the drawing is completed, the students will paint over the composition with blue water color paint.  This technique is called Crayon Resist.