Art Projects for April and May:

My Fish n the Ocean:  Students create a water world called a seascape.  They include their big fish in the drawing and add schools of fish, crabs, clams, coral, rocks etc. to fill their paper.  They color with crayon.  When the drawing is completely colored, the students paint over their drawing with blue water color paint in the crayon-resist technique

Pot of Gold:  Students draw a large pot onto green construction paper.  They color their pot black, brown or green using oil pastels.  They cut out circular shapes out of gold metallic paper to create the gold coins in the pot.

A Tulip Paper Construct:  Students create a tulip shape by drawing the form onto colored construction paper, cutting it out and gluing it onto another colored construction paper.  They are instructed to include leaves and a stem.  The tulip flower is created in the same technique as their previous tulip drawings, to show the dimension of the flower.

A Birdhouse and Clay Birds:  Students are shown samples of decorative birdhouses.  They are shown how to use a ruler to create the proper shape.  They create their own design and color it with crayon and marker outlines.  They then form a bird out of clay and place it onto their birdhouse drawing.