Art Projects for November- December:

Design a Large Apple:  
Students study the botanical drawings of real apples.  They  draw a large apple shape with a stem and leaf.  The drawing is colored with red, green and brown crayons.

Draw an Apple Tree:  Students are instructed to draw an apple tree.  They  draw the horizon line, the ground, the tree trunk and the leaves and apples.  They color with crayons.

A Fall Tree:  Students use the previous lesson and draw a large tree, the same technique as the previous lesson.  They color the ground, the trunk and the sky with crayons.  The tree is completed by using  small pieces of fall colored tissue paper which is overlapped and glued down to give the effect of fall trees..

A  Large Candy Cane:  Students are instructed in the technique of how to create the pattern on a candy cane form.  They are instructed to draw stripes of equal size onto the entire shape.  When the drawing is completed, they are instructed to create the pattern of alternating red and white colors.  They mark each area with a w or a.  The drawing is colored in the technique of outlining with crayon and coloring in one direction.