Kindergarten 1

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  Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a restful week off!
   The children were encouraged to read books on their own this week and if they come back to school with one simple book report, they earn a prize from our treasure chest!  What a great response.  I'm so proud of them!
   This week we will be entering the Lenten season.  Children will be encouraged to help out at home and do good deeds for others. Every time they do a good deed they will decorate their individual cross with colored tissue paper and by Easter we should see a most colorful cross of good deeds.  They will simply tell me the act of kindness that they did .  Students will also receive their mission banks to save some money in during Lent.
   We have church on Wednesday at 8:30 AM.
  Our reading this week will be supplemented with many Dr. Seuss activities as we celebrate his birthday this Thursday.   

Children should be reading everyday for about 15 minutes to practice decoding skills and high frequency words.

 Homework for the Week of February, 27th

Monday - Reading - Family Times   Phonics - Complete "h" sound sheet.  Math - Complete subtraction sheet.
        Tuesday -  GYM today.   Reading - Practice reading, I Have!  Complete high frequency word sheet for "that".   Math - Complete taking apart activity.  

      Wednesday - 8:30 School Mass(Ash Wednesday) Pizza lunch
Reading - Practice decodable reader, Hob Can Hit!  Complete digraph sheet.   Math - Complete "taking from" sheet.

       Thursday - Phonics - Cut out and paste 3 pictures beginning with "h" on the appropriate page of your alphabet book.  PRINT THE WORD NEATLY NEXT TO IT.  Practice new high frequency words that are listed in the back of the book.    Math - Complete subtraction activity sheet.                                                 
Friday - Have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget church.
Learn High Frequency Words - are, that, do   (Post these words around your house to help children with recognition.)
Vocabulary - Sequence Words; before, after, beginning, end
Amazing Words: homesick, horizon, journey, lonely, trip and world

Math Words: left, separate, subtraction sentence, take away, minus sign (-), subtract and difference.
    See Our Week's Goals (on left) for a listing of what we are working on this week.
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