Farm trip


Remember to send in your forms and contribution for "Race For Education!"  We are all helping to make this day a HUGE success.  Help support our school!  Visit the website!

Fire house trip tomorrow (Tuesday).  Permission notes needed.

School Photos - Wednesday is individual photos - DRESS UP   Thursday is for group pictures - FULL UNIFORMS WITH TIES. 

Book-It - Information will finally go home today.  A sample book report will be sent with it.  Reports are due at the end of the month.

Please make sure you empty your child's folder everyday!


Monday - Reading - Family Times                      Math - Complete activity sheet on comparing by counting.

Tuesday - Reading - Practice decodable story, Little Mouse.  Phonics - Complete "m" sound sheet.

Wednesday - Pizza lunch (Send money in an
envelope - $1.50 for a slice and $.50 for a small water.)                                                               Reading - Complete high frequency word sheet for "a".   Math - Complete activity sheet on comparing numbers to 5.
Thursday - Phonics - Cut out and paste 3 pictures beginning with "m" on the m page of your alphabet notebook.  There will be 3 x's indicating where to paste the pictures.  Print the word next to the picture using all 3 guidelines.  Check "a" page for example.  Returntomorrow.                                      Reading - Practice reading decodable story, Animals Friends, in Skills Buddy Book.  Return tomorrow.  

Friday - Gym today, be prepared!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Don't forget church on Sunday!

High Frequency Words:  These are words that need to be memorized;   and to

**Children should become familiar with vocabulary and amazing words and know their meaning.

Vocabulary Words:  Position Words; in, out, up, down

Amazing Words: fabulous, perfect, pirate, proper, signal and dud.

Math Words:  equal, compare, group, model, greater than, less than and same number as.


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