Easter Egg Hunt
                         Easter Egg Hunt

Please send in your March Book-It.  Our program is coming to an end.
Poetry Recital is on the 27th.  Children are practicing our group poem.  I would like to have 2 or 3 children do an individual.  Please consider it and let me know tomorrow.  I can help select a poem.
Please wear your gym uniform on Friday for gym and our class trip.  You may still make a contribution to the missions (dress down).  We will eat lunch earlier and leave about 11:30.  Chaperones can meet us at the school by 11:25 to follow the bus to Hofstra.

Our chaperones for Pete the Cat are; Mrs. Stacey Joseph, Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Longsworth.
Reminder:  Children should be practicing their reading for about 15 minutes everyday.  Go over high frequency words.

Monday - Reading - Family Times  Phonics - Complete medial "e" sheet.  Math - Review vocabulary words.  Complete math fluency.  LIBRARY BOOKS DUE!

Tuesday - Reading - Practice K reader, Ted and the Pet.  Complete high frequency word sheet for "do".  Math - Complete activity sheet on 2 dimensional shapes. 

Wednesday - PIZZA LUNCH     Reading - Practice reading, A Pet Hen, in Skills Buddy book.  Return tomorrow. Math - Complete sheet on circles and triangles. 

Thursday - 10:00 Mass/Special Person's Day   Phonics - Complete vowel activity sheet.  Math - Complete activity sheet on squares and other rectangles.

Friday - Gym/Pete the Cat trip (Wear gym uniforms.)  Enjoy the weekend.  Don't forget church.

High Frequency Words: when,here, from and go

Vocabulary words:  (Time Words) month, week and day.  Time by the hour.

Amazing Words: abuela, adventure, flock, city, airport and harbor
Math Words: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, 2 dimensional, flat and angles. 


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