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Week of April 24-28 2017
"A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person lives a mark."

Dearest Parents,

 I am hoping that you had a blessed, happy Easter and your children enjoyed their spring recess!  We are really in the homestretch now!  More and more, we are talking about becoming first graders, being more responsible and acting like “big kids!” 

Our baby chicks have a wonderful new home on a farm in Yaphank.  I took pictures of where they will be living and will share them with the children. They will have lots of new friends.  The children also released our new butterflies before the vacation, as well.  New life is all around us, and it feels so good to open up the windows and breathe in fresh air! 

 We will be practicing all week for our Poetry Recital that is this Friday.  Children should come to school in their regular full-dress uniform that day.  Please continue to have them practice the poem that was sent home before the break.  We will be completing a lesson on making mental images using the Green Giant poem and will use the drawings we make during the poetry recital.

 The children enjoyed our “Funny Bunny” party before the break and enjoyed snacking on veggies.  We will continue to learn about fruits and vegetables and will enjoy the story Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens. We will then move into the life cycle of plants.  We will also learn more about insects and begin our last social studies unit on American Symbols such as the Statue of Liberty.  So much more to learn in Kindergarten!               

                                              Love, Mrs. Hayes

We have library and computer today.

We have completed the Green Skills Buddy Book!  Keep at home and use as practice.
Skills Buddy Book (with purple elephant).  Read story on page 18 and review all week/during break
Family Times (complete at home)
Do packet work for Monday
Math - Homework for 10.1
Phonics - "Jam Jars" (review)

We have art today.

Practice Emergent Reader all week
Packet work for Tuesday
Math Homework for 10.2
Phonics - "Wheelin' Wagon" review

We have music and gym today.

Packet work for Wednesday
Math - Homework for 10.3
Phonics - "Superhero X to the Rescue"

We have computer today.

Packet work for Thursday
Math - Homework for 10.4
Phonics - Rainy Day Swim sheet

Individual assessments today.

Please attend Mass on Sunday.