Weekly Newsletter
October 16,2017

Dear Parents,

As the first few weeks of school have passed us by, I am extremely proud of the progress that each child has made as each day comes. The children are getting used to their daily routines more and more and arrive to school each morning with a smile to see their school family. Each child arrives ready to work and to have a beautiful day. The children are still practicing taking turns very nicely and being kind to one another. We continued talking about the importance of sharing with our friends and working together as a school family. Each child is becoming more independent as each day comes.

This week we are still focusing and practicing our daily routines, the sign of the cross, praying together, our calendar, the weather, and our Fall and Halloween songs. We are focused on fall and the changes we will see each day. The children are finishing up their shapes activities, we are celebrating our colors each week, talking about squirrels, pumpkins, spiders, bats, fire safety, and many more fun October activities.

We will continue talking about God and focusing on how unique and special we are to God and to one another. The children will express their appreciation to God for their physical abilities through Scripture, music and prayer as we practice the activities from our religion program this week. We will start to talk about the letter B this week. We will also do yellow activities to celebrate the color of the week.

Yellow is the color of the week and will be celebrated on Friday!  A reminder note will be sent home.

Picture days are:  
 Wednesday, October 18 Group pictures

Thursday,  October 19  Individual pictures

Some of the books we will read are:

Bubble Bear

Clifford the Firehouse Dog

Meet the Colors

Fall Is Here!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Lara