Weekly Newsletter
December 11, 2017

Dear Parents,

I am very happy to see each child come to school every morning with a big smile to see their school family. Each child arrives ready to work and to have a beautiful day. Children are taking turns very nicely and being kind to one another. We continue daily to talk about the importance of sharing with our friends and working together as a school family. Each child has become very independent and I am very proud of all of them. 

This week we will focus on praying together and continue to sing our Christmas songs. We will continue to discuss Advent,Christmas and the importance of Jesus Christ  during this holiday season. We will discuss how we will prepare to spend this special holiday with our friends and families. We will discuss fall and the changes we have seen outside such as: weather changes and the different color leaves.We will start to discuss the winter season as we prepare for more weather changes. We will read more Christmas stories and discuss how we are preparing for the holiday each day. The children will continue working on their Christmas projects and fun December activities. 

We will continue talking about God and focusing on how unique and special we are to God and to one another. Children will develop a greater awareness and understanding of Advent as a time for waiting and preparing for Jesus' birthday celebration. The children will celebrate and express their thankfulness to God for sending us Jesus through Scripture, music, and prayer. We will start to talk about the letter I this week. We will talk about numbers and do counting activities. 


Thursday, December 14 11:00 am dismissal. Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, December 15 Dress Down Day 

Mission boxes due Tuesday, December 19th

Please check your child's folder everyday!

Some of the books we will read are:

Room for a Little One A Christmas Tale

Celebrating Christmas

Iguana on Ice

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Lara