Weekly Newsletter
April 23,2018

Dear Parents,

I am very happy to see each child come to school every morning with a big smile to see their school family. Each child arrives ready to work and to have a beautiful day. Children are taking turns very nicely and being kind to one another. We continue daily to talk about the importance of sharing with our friends and working together as a school family. Each child has become very independent and I am very proud of all of them. 

This week we will focus on praying together as a school family. We will continue to sing and learn more spring songs and other nursery rhymes. We will discuss how our weather is changing as we are now  experiencing the spring season. We will continue our Spring projects and other April activities this week. 

We will continue talking about God and focusing on how unique and special we are to God and to one another. Children will develop a greater awareness of and appreciation for God's gift of sand.The children will express their thankfulness and appreciation to God for his gift of sand through Scripture, music, and prayer. The children will respond to God's gift of sand with a sense of wonder, respect, and gratitude through a story, discussion, and  activities. Children will celebrate this time as a time for new life in spring. We will learn about different plants and flowers in class. We will start the letter V this week. We will continue to work on numbers and do counting, and more cutting activities in class this week.


Please check your child's folder everyday!

Some of the books we will read are:  

Vera Viper's Valentine

Eight Legs Are Great!

Seven Magic Hats

The castle's of Equestria

April Foolishness

One Light, One Sun

Five Little Ducks

Have a blessed week!


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