Weekly Newsletter

May 20, 2019

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed weekend. We will continue to learn so much everyday. I am sure it will continue to be a beautiful and productive end of our school year. I am so happy to continue this beautiful journey with your children. We are still exploring and learning so many new things each day. I am very blessed to have your children in my class. Each child is looking forward to our end of the year activities, graduation, and Pre-K they all have matured so much!

      This week we will continue to reinforce and practice our classroom routines and rules together. Each child has come a long way and I am extremely proud! Children will continue to practice the importance of the sign of the cross and pray together. We will continue to practice our graduation songs, spring songs, new nursery rhymes, and continue to learn more songs from our religion program this week. The children will continue to work on their spring activities and graduation crafts. We will continue to learn about and discuss different flowers, butterflies, and other animals.

      We will continue talking about God and focusing on how unique and special we are to God and one another. Children will develop a greater awareness of and appreciation for God's gift of flowers.The children will respond to God's gift of flowers as gifts from God by participating in various activities. Children will express appreciation for God's love with a sense of wonder, respect, and gratitude through a story, discussion, and various activities. The children will celebrate and thank God for his gift of flowers through Scripture, music, and prayer. We will also work more on our numbers, cutting activities, and do more counting activities during our centers time. We will be reviewing our letters A through Z this week. The children will continue to practice, trace, and recognize all the letters in their names. We will also continue to focus on the importance of friendships,sharing, and being kind to one another this week in class. We will be learning more about and discussing graduation day in class this week and continue to work on our May crafts. We will practice and sing our graduation songs. We will also learn about and discuss Memorial Day.

Please check your child's school folders daily

Friday, May 24- Half Day 11:00 am Dismissal

Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day School Closed

Please send in your child's Registration Forms for the upcoming school year

Some of the books we will read are:

Ten Friendly Fish 

The Carrot Seed

The Little Flower Seed

The Tiny Seed

The Surprise Garden 

The Happy Bee

I'm Growing

I Like Myself!

Ten Fingers Can!

The Rain Came Down

Who's Counting?

Ten Little Ladybugs

Monster Math

My Good Morning

Have a blessed week!

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