Weekly Newsletter


                                                          April 16, 2018

Dear Parents,  

        This week we will have our unit on Transportation.  We will talk about all the different types of transportation and we will learn about the traffic signs and what each sign means.  We will finish our transportation unit with a ride on a bus during our class trip. Our letter of the week is the Letter W.

                This Friday is our class trip to see “Pete the Cat”.

The children will eat an early lunch in the classroom before we leave and will have a snack when we return. ALL PRE-K CHILDREN MUST WEAR THEIR UNIFORMS TO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY. There is a dress down day in school this Friday but NOT for Pre-K. For the trip I want the children in their uniforms to better keep them together. Dismissal will be at the same time.

                                               Have a great Week!

                                                  Mrs. N. Onorato