Pre-Kindergarten 2


Welcome Back, I hope everyone enjoyed their vacations and the beautiful “Spring” like weather we had. Before our winter break we had a busy week in our classroom. We studied Dental hygiene, and Valentine’s day. We began our week with a dental hygienist coming to speak to us about how important it is to keep our teeth clean and healthy, and enjoying a Valentine’s Day party.  Thank you to all the parent who donated to our Valentine’s day party. On Thursday we had the 100th day of school. The children counted food items and sorted them. We are 100 days smarter. Thursday morning, both prekindergarten classes and the Nursery class participated in a STEM project with stacking 100 cups into a pyramid.

In such a few short days will be Dr. Seuss’s birthday (March 2nd). We will be learning all about Dr. Seuss. Not only are Dr. Seuss books loved by children all over the world but they help to introduce the fundamentals of reading. With Dr. Seuss’s simple word repetition and rhyming words a child can easily begin to hear it, learn it, and read it. When reading a story to the class I love how the children yell out “That’s a rhyming word.” or “I can rhyme with

the word hat.” We will continue rhyming as we introduce Dr. Seuss.

Thank you,
Miss Peet
Have a great Week and welcome back to school!

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