A Peek at the Week

                                     A Peek at the Week in Pre-K        
                                   March 18-March 22
, 2019   
     Welcome back!  Hope you enjoyed the weekend!
This is going to be another  busy week in Pre-K!  In addition to working on the letter "V" this week, we will be finishing up our five senses unit, working on some fun wind activities and celebrating the beginning of spring.  Of course we will continue with our Lenten good deeds as we continue on our Lenten journey.  
   Report cards will be handed out on Friday.  Parent teacher conferences will be held next Thursday, March 28th.  AT this time it is not necessary to meet with everyone.  A letter will go home letting you know if I would like to meet at this time.  Of course you are welcome to come in if you would like to meet with me.  Please indicate that on the letter and I will set up the appointment.
   We will be working on Bunny Baskets soon as one of our Easter projects.  Please send in an empty square tissue box and a bag of large cotton balls.