Welcome to Technology  Class!

2nd Grade is researching dinosaurs. They are learning about a dinosaur's height, length and weight. They are researching their diet and interesting facts. They will be taking this information to create four slides in PowerPoint.

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3rd Grade will develop an appreciation for the stories that originate in different cultures, to show our similarities and differences, and to appreciate the cultures from which these stories originate.  The students will learn about the various Cinderella stories from around the world while looking at the countries that the stories originated.   We have covered Mexico, China, Egypt, and England. We will be researching France, Canada, and the Caribbean to finish up the unit.

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4th Grade student are learning about the regions of New York.  Students are researching the history, fun facts, and geographical features of each region.  The students will create a presentation using Google Slides. Children.png The students are also creating an All About Me slideshow. They will be adding information to their slide show for the rest of the year.


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All information about the following projects can be found in Google Classroom. 6th Grade will be completing a webquest on the Titanic. Students will create a boarding pass to enter on to the Titanic. They will create a timeline of events, a slideshow on two passengers, and journal entries. 7th Grade is researching STEM careers. Students will create a slide show in Buncee to showcase their chosen career. 8th Grade is finishing their Unsolved Mystery in Glogster.


Students in Grades 4 - 8, will be using Google Classroom to complete many assignments in Technology Class.  Students will have access to their school email.  We will also be using Buncee and Glogster.  Any problems submitting assignments or gaining access to these websites, please contact me ASAP!

Any questions, please email Mrs. Powell at or (516) 825 - 4009