Welcome to Technology  Class!

2nd Grade is researching dinosaurs. They are learning about a dinosaur's height, length and weight. They are researching their diet and interesting facts. They will be taking this information to create four slides in PowerPoint.

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3rd Grade will be exploring Fractured Fairy Tales in Library and Technology classes.  As part of the unit, third grade will be creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) projects based on fairy tales.  For example, using the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, students will have to design a new bed or chair for baby bear.  The bed or chair will have to be strong enough to hold a significant amount of weight. See the link below for supplies that the students will need. Fractured Fairy Tale STEM.pdf ______________________________________________________ course2

4th Grade is learning the basics of coding using the website, We are starting with Course 2. In this course, the students will create programs to solve problems and develop interactive games and stories they can share. Children.png The students are also creating an All About Me slideshow. They will be adding information to their slide show for the rest of the year.


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All information about the following projects can be found in Google Classroom. 6th Grade will be completing a webquest on the Titanic. Students will create a boarding pass to enter on to the Titanic. They will create a timeline of events, a slideshow on two passengers, and journal entries. Mrs. Powell's Titanic Webquest 7th Grade is CODING using the website, Students will learn to create programs with different kinds of loops, events, functions, and conditions, and write algorithms for everyday tasks. The students will investigate different problem solving techniques, discuss societal impacts of computing and the Internet, and learn about the different transmission methods. 8th Grade is creating a theme park brochure. Students must research their chosen theme park and sell it to the class.


Students in Grades 4 - 8, will be using Google Classroom to complete many assignments in Technology Class.  Students will have access to their school email.  We will also be using Buncee and Glogster.  Any problems submitting assignments or gaining access to these websites, please contact me ASAP!

Any questions, please email Mrs. Powell at or (516) 825 - 4009