School Board Eligibility

School Board Eligibility for Membership

Board members shall be a Catholic person at least 21 years of age. No employee of the school or parish and no member of the immediate family of an employee shall be eligible for membership. The term immediate family shall be defined as spouse, child, parent, brother, sister or in-laws. In addition membership is limited to one person per household. It is also suggested that a person on a school board not serve in other parish / school leadership positions.

If interested please submit a letter to the HNM School Principal requesting membership to the school board. Please indicate your name, age, and contact information, affiliation to the school or parish and any professional experiences that would assist in chairing one of the vacant committees.

If you would like to be a member of one of the school board committees

 Please click the COMMITTEE LINK for more information.

Committee members are selected because they are knowledgeable and interested in serving and possess an expertise needed by the board. They should also be familiar with the policies, procedures and practices of Holy Name of Mary Catholic School.