HNOM Fights Cancer

HNOM Fights Cancer
HNOM Fights Cancer Dear Parents

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, we will have another Blue & Orange Day in school. Students are invited to wear something blue and orange with their school uniform or dress down wearing something blue and orange. This is to show school spirit in support of two of our local sports teams – as the Mets begin the World Series and the Islanders continue their inaugural season not too far away, in Brooklyn. Sports can be fun to watch, especially when a local team is participating in something as monumental as the World Series, whether you are a sports fan or not. We want to use the next week as a teaching tool, also, and will be focusing on two of our local teams – to show the impact of teamwork, to highlight the spirit of 
sportsmanship, to demonstrate how hard professional athletes train and how important it is to take care of our bodies and exercise, and to highlight the positive impact these players and teams can have on our communities, not only creating a feeling of spirit and camaraderie but also in helping those in need. 

The month of October is “Hockey Fights Cancer” month throughout the National Hockey League and the NY Islanders are taking part in this. We are going to have a “Penny, Nickel, Dime Drive” for our students and faculty to raise funds for “Hockey Fights Cancer.” It’s not about how much we raise, but the fact that we are joining our heroes to help a very important cause. In Corinthians, it is stated “God loves a cheerful giver” so hopefully, our students will realize that while a hockey season is going on – and in the midst of a World Series – we still need to help others and we can do so in a fun way. Hopefully, our students will begin to notice the good works that their favorite teams and players support, in addition to the games they win and goals they score. In a sense, we are becoming part of the team for 10 days! The money collected will be donated to the Islanders Children’s Foundation for their “Hockey Fights Cancer” contribution. 

The drive will run from Tuesday, October 27 – Wednesday, November 4, 2015 

So grab something orange and blue to wear on Tuesday.  Because no matter whom we cheer for, we’re going to have some fun at Holy Name of Mary, support a worthy cause, and “root, root, root for the home teams!”    


Pamela Sanders